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Asking A Woman Her Age Is Not Considered Proper Etiquette - How

It would have been a cinch. If the secret was not made public. Now you can feel better about yourself, because you can say with a straight face that you are a size or two smaller than you are - really you can. Savvy designers are aware that most fashion conscious women want to boast of being the 'ideal size' so they (the designers) got into the downsizing business. They put their pens to the sizing charts and overnight without going to the gym or taking a jog or five everyone is now a size or two smaller than they were yesterday; and that includes the size conscious gentlemen.

This new sizing system allows women and men to reveal their clothing size without chagrin. The question anyone believe you, but even more important - do you believe it? A�Those who are unaware of the 'cheat charting' could easily be lulled into the comfort of being a smaller size and slowdown on their exercise regime or add a few more calories to their ; the new sizing can be a bit confusing. Although it is widely known that different designers have different measuring charts most of the new sizing charts are decidedly deceptive.

Instead of getting ahead of yourself and believing the labels, do a little size check - place one of your old garments (that is if you have not put on weight in the last six months or so) over one of the new sized garment and face the moment of are still a size whatever you were yesterday or last you are bold enough take an inch tape to your bust, your waist, your hips; and compare the measurements to those on the garment - you might be in for quite a surprise!

The most accurate way of choosing a garment is finding a garment that fits. Proportion is the key to a good fit - it means that the sleeves are not too tight and they are long enough for your arms; that the shoulder are where they should be and not slouching off your body or gripping too tightly; that buttons remain flat and are not straining; that a garment sits smoothly on your frame and does not gather or pleat in the wrong places, and that the length is right for you... Believing that you dropped a size or two since the last time you purchased a garment would be is IF you did not know the secret sizing code!