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Chanel Teint Innocence Review - Skin Luminescence In A Compact?

A new Chanel product, the Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Compact, has hit the market with the claim that it can provide an even, natural look that brightens the appearance of the skin while also protecting one's skin against sun damage. Chanel is a decades-old leader in the cosmetic industry and has managed to retain a strong customer base through the years due to the high-quality design of both its products and its appearance. The creators of the cosmetic product claim that by using it, a brighter skin tone and UV protection will be realized. In order to verify these claims, an evaluation will be conducted to see what, if any benefits are gained from using this Chanel makeup.

The first and perhaps most important claim for those considering the use of Chanel Teint Innocence is the effect it has on brightening the skin and providing an overall even tone. Applying the makeup is simple enough with the included cosmetic pad and compact mirror. The makeup glides on and it is recommended to use a small amount and to apply in layers as needed. I applied only a small amount as that was all that was needed for me to achieve desirable results. I was very pleased with the brightening, evening effect that the makeup provided. Using the appropriate shade, this Chanel makeup makes it appear as if one is not wearing makeup at all.

The second claim made by the manufacturer states that the Chanel Teint Innocence provides protection from sun exposure via a built-in SPF 10 sunscreen. Titanium and zinc both act as active ingredients which provide protection from UVA/UVB damage. This provides protection for a couple of hours of use in the sun. However, those planning on being outdoors for extended periods of time should incorporate this with an existing sunscreen used under the makeup for maximum protection from the elements.

Even though the Chanel Taint Innocence lives up to the primary claims made by the company, there are still some downsides to report with this product. The range of shades available is quite limited; those with darker skin may feel left out when comparing the rose, cameo and natural shades. The cost may also be a deterrent for those considering the purchase; $80 will get you approximately 12 grams of coverage. The brightening effect may also have undesired consequences when exposed to camera flashes by making the skin look lighter than one would like. All in all, these concerns are minor for the benefits gained.

This compact follows in the footsteps of many Chanel products with its effectiveness but what exactly makes it such a great product? It all comes down to just a few simple ingredients:

* Jojoba oil - This ingredients mimics sebum, sending signals to your skin to regulate excess oil production

* Titanium dioxide - The essential component that provides SPF 10 protection while outdoors

* Citric acid - This ingredient exfoliates and acts as an astringent, sealing pores and providing a much more even surface on which to apply the product

This product is enthusiastically recommended to those who have uneven patches of skin on their face along with a desire to see their face framed with brightness. Combined with protection from harmful sun exposure, the compact makes a great investment for the health and appearance of one's skin. If you have been on the fence about trying this great product, take my advice and make the purchase. In no time, you will be enjoying the benefits of the Chanel Teint Innocence and your skin will thank you.