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The Historical Role of Hamilton Watch

Hamilton watch is well known for its ultimate precision and the most advanced movement. Besides, it also has a legendary history.

At the end of 19th century, the tragedies caused by railroad accidents frequently happened. All is ascribed to the separate times used by Railroad Company. Confronting such serious situation, Hamilton Watch Company found a solution to stop such tragedies from happening. That is to supply them with amazingly precise timepieces. Thus, it saved the lives of many people. Meanwhile, it unified the separate time and adopted a standard time plan by setting up the four time zones covering Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific. The Hamilton watch was therefore called "The Watch of Railway Accuracy".

The book published by the Hamilton Company recorded all its historical issues. Detailed description about the models and relative data of Hamilton watches are marked inside. For those who are about to buy a Hamilton watch, this book is really worthy of reading. It can certainly help you to make the right choice.

Wearing Hamilton is not the privilege for the personnel of the railway company at that time. The inspectors of railroad, even the company workers were its potential customers. As the development of the company, the Hamilton watch company is improving itself to being perfect. Till now, it has successfully become a top watch brand which is madly loved across the world.

The Hamilton Watch Company broke the rule of pocket watches at that time and introduced wristwatches which are convenient for daily use by cooperating with other American watch makers. In January 1957, the world's first electric wristwatch was released. It was a shock for people at that time. The battery which lasted for almost year was so powerful that it made the mainspring become useless.

So far, the Hamilton watches are continually offered to serve the railroad company. It is the legendary experience that makes these watches trustworthy in the world.